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"FST has that appropriate amount of dark
contrasted by digital sunshine.
Great sequences and melodies.
80's synths and drums with
modern arrangements and lyrics."

- Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet)

established as a solo project for singer-songwriter Aaron Ruffcorn, over the years Favorite Shape Triangle developed into a highly collaborative four-man band. In 2013, however, the Milwaukee-based FST Live project was retired, and Ruffcorn relocated to Los Angeles and returned to his solo studio projects.

founded FST in Iowa City, IA, circa 1999, and some years later, released two solo LP's: FAVORITE SHAPE TRIANGLE (2007) and AGAINST TIME (2009). A third solo album, the first studio-created venture, was released in November 2017; AFTERSHOCKS was co-produced, engineered & mixed by Cal Campbell. The follow-up, PERFECK VISION is slated for a 2023 release...

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pecial thanks to: Mom, Dad, Annie, Ben & all Ruffcorns, John, Paul & all the Christenson family, Brooke Langton, Cal Campbell, Sean Moeller, Chris Coleman, Jacob Noble, Zach Butler, Renee Kousek, Josh & Kristin Jones, the Smith family, Bryan Guise, Carey Lyders, Darren Robinson, Sam Farrar, Jason Schwartzman, Harmani Owens, Bridget Hall, Claudia Tosoni and Rick Clark.

Thank you, to the following, for providing sledgehammer inspiration: Depeche Mode, Dandy Warhols, (old)Weezer, Helmet, Phantom Planet, Ben Lee, Bjork, Massive Attack, NIN, Atticus Ross, Baz Luhrmann, Craig Armstrong, Gary Beck, Public Enemy, Steve Purcell, George Lucas...
and (of course) Almighty God.


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